OH MY GOODNESS!!! That was amazing.

Though the CGI is definitely a work in progress, that trailer was all I hoped it would be.

Tauriel conformed to my best expectations, it was great to see some barrel action, as well as more elves! The scenery looks amazing.

The only real downer was Smaug. He looked awesome, but to be honest, I thought his head would be slimmer? More stylised? Anyway, he’s such a personal character to everyone that I think everyone who didn’t work on the movie was a little disappointed! We all have our own ways of imagining him, especially if you’ve read the book.

But overall, epic!!! Thoughts?

New News!!!

Katie Jackson apparently tweeted that we should get a Production Vlog within about two weeks: excellent 😀

And you have got to check out htis video- it’s Legolas, Tauriel and Thranduil, in full costume, reacting to a reaction video. It’s TRAILERCEPTION 😉

Hobbit Newwwwwws

1. (Relating to British people) The British Board of Film Classification have approved the trailer for the Desolation of Smaug! One small step for bureaucracy, one giant leap for Ringer-kind! We’re gonna have a trai-ler, a trai-ler…

2. Rumour is, this trailer shall be released June 14th, attached to Man of Steel.

3. More photos of Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel. Thoughts on her? As a brand new, not Tolkien character, I guess as a fan I should be up in arms. But I’m not, because the Hobbit needs more awesome female characters. I’m even excited for the love story, of which I am almost certain there will be. Original bets were on Kili, but Legolas is shaping up to be it, apparently.

Hobbit Vlogs (we hope) and Expo!

Word on the street is that the filming of the last few bits and pieces, reshoots etc has started. Peter Jackson also said in an interview that we should expect some more video blogs from him soon. Not soon enough in my opinion: I love those vlogs!

In other news, I’m also attending the Expo in London (MCM Comicon)! It’s my first con, and my first cosplay (although I’m wary of calling steampunk a cosplay-I’m not exactly honouring a character) But it’s really exciting! I might post some pictures of the event for posterity 🙂 I’m hoping to attend panels from Edgar Wright (director of those Simon Pegg films, and other stuff I’m sure!) the Merlin crew, and Primeval. Excitement!

Redesign Revolution

As someone who loves Disney, I was very happy when Brave came out. I identified immediately with Merida (as much as a 21st century girl can to a Scottish medieval princess-yet I did identify, a lot) So I was upset when they announced that Merida’s redesign would make her waist size smaller, her face more made up, her bow gone, and teh character stuck in a dress she spent most of the plot rebelling against.

I signed a petition that will get sent to Disney that asks them to change her back, as the redesign blatantly ignores everything that Merida stands for, as well as suggesting that a princess relies wholly on the aesthetic. This isn’t the message Merida wanted to give to others. She is a strong, feisty, independent girl- her design no longer reflects this.

Here is the link if you feel like adding your voice: